20 Most Popular Cheerleaders in Sports

Cheerleaders in sports are quite popular these days and now you get cheerleaders to pep up the audiences during match intervals and so on. They add color, glitz and glamour quotient to a sporting event and are there to entertain the audiences especially the guys in the stands during breaks in play or time outs or during injury breaks or half times. Any woman who wants to make it big into modeling or acting career can start of being a cheerleader for a team and then slowly climb the ladder of success with her talent, wits and glamour. In fact, the popularity of cheerleaders is so huge that now we see even guy cheerleaders entertaining the girls and the ladies in the crowds. There is no one in this world who would say that they do not like hot cheerleaders and there are quite a few men who watch games live on TV or in a stadium just to catch glimpses of the attractive cheerleaders. The following are the list of some of the most popular sports cheerleaders of all times.


St. Louis Cardinals World Series Victory Parade

1)    Bianca LaRussa daughter of St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa is Oakland Raiders cheerleader and she is one hot babe that really ignites players and spectators on the field and in the stadium.

2)    Bambi Woods is a porn star who is a most famous cheerleader as well and she gained popularity by playing the role of Debbie in “Debbie Does Dallas”.

3)    Sandra Bullock, Oscar winning actress for The Blind Side was a cheerleader at the Washington Lee High School before graduating in 1982.

4)    Kirsten Dunst, popular actress, was a well known cheerleader for four years at her Notre Dame High School in LA, California.

5)    USC cheerleaders are the most entertaining group of cheerleaders for the Pac-10 football team.

6)    Stacy Keibler was a very popular Baltimore Ravens cheerleader before she went on to become wrestler in WWE and WCE.

7)    Alicia Silverstone, the Batgirl and Clueless star was a cheerleader before she hogged the limelight as an actress.

8)    Jamie Lee Curtis was a high school cheerleader before making it big with “Halloween” movie.

9)    Eliza Dushku, popular star in movies played the role of a cheerleader in the movie “Bring It On” to perfection.

10) Popular singing sensation Jessica Simpson was the biggest cheerleader who enthralled Cowboy fans.

11) Megan Fox played the cheer leader’s role in Jennifer’s Body and might have gained experience of cheerleading from her sophomore year in high school.

12) TV reality star Snooki was a high school cheerleader in Marlboro, N.Y. before making it big in Jersey Shore.

13) Cameron Diaz was a cheerleader at Long Beach Polytechnic School before she gave up her schooling to pursue modeling career.

14) Popular TV host Kelly Ripa was the cheerleader with  the biggest hair at Eastern High School in Voorhees township.

15) Dakota Fanning was quite popular as a cheerleader in Campbell High school in Hollywood before she started her acting career at 15.

16) Singer Fergie was a popular cheerleader at Glen A. Wilson High School in California.

17) Popular singer and actress Miley Cyrus known for her notoriousness was a grade school cheerleader.

18) Yesteryear actress Phyllis Smith was a cheerleader for the St. Louis cardinals NFL team before becoming popular through The Office from NBC.

19) Mid 80’s saw popular Hollywood actress Halle Berry as a cheerleader at her Bedford High School in Ohio.

Lindsay Lohan to everyone’s surprise was an adorable cheerleader at Calhoun High School in Merrick, N.Y. Cardi B.


Image : hd sports wallpaper