2018 iPad Pro May Get iPhone X's Coolest Feature

The device is expected to gain from the features of the preceding iPhone.


There are very few things that can be squeezed out of these leaks that we haven’t seen before.

According to famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone X is suffering from production issues relating to its TrueDepth camera system, which enables the device’s FaceID facial recognition feature.

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone X, introducing the Touch ID replacement Face ID. The Apple Pencil as well as the Smart Keyboard case are exclusive to the iPad Pro lineup and it now seems that next year onwards, the facial recognition technology will be another of those features that would not be available on the regular iPads.

Apple’s problems have just got worse, with retailers in Australia already reporting “extremly slow” demand for the new iPhone 8, it’s been revealed that several more iPhone 8 models have split with observers blaming a battery problem. For a gassing event to happen inside a brand-new battery that has only experienced one or two charge/discharge cycles, the evidence points to a fundamental flaw in phone design.

The TrueDepth camera helps facilitate Face ID, allowing users to unlock the iPhone X, make secure payments via Apple Pay and create their own emojis using Animoji.

The research shows that 75 % of iPhone customers interested to purchase iPhone with 256GB storage verses 45% iPhone 8 buyers who went to 256GB.

However, he adds that one of Apple’s goals is to bring together the user experiences of the iPad line with the iPhone X experience.

In the interim, iPhone sales are still going strong, relatively speaking.

Analysts at Citigroup said such claims were inaccurate and that they were “confident” the iPhone X will be released on time.

The iPhone X saw the first radical redesign of the iPhone since 2014’s iPhone 6, in that it covered the front panel nearly entirely with the OLED display, physically eliminating the space for Touch ID to live under a home button.


As always, the market will speak for itself and we’ll have a better grasp on iPhone X demand once pre-orders open up later this month.

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