23 soldiers, Sunni fighters said killed in Iraq

A total of 25 Islamic State (IS) militants were killed on Saturday in air strikes by Iraqi aircraft in Iraq’s western province of Anbar, a provincial security source said.


The officials said today’s attack, which killed 17 soldiers and six Sunni militia fighters, took place in the rural district of Jaramshah, north of Anbar’s provincial capital, Ramadi.

He had no more details and there was no immediate word from authorities on the violence. Qassim al-Dulaimi, was lightly wounded in the attack, the officials said.

The Islamic State group controls much of the vast Anbar province, including Ramadi and the city of Fallujah.

The chief of army operations in Anbar, Maj-Gen.

Later yesterday, it was confirmed that al-Obeidi fired the commander in charge of a brigade. It did not name the commander, but added that he failed to carry out his duties. The minister said there is no place for those who don’t carry out their missions and commands. Those who want victory must be on the front line’.

It was not immediately clear whether the minister’s visit and the firing were linked to the deadly ambushes.


“The advancing of our troops heading to liberate Ramadi from Islamic State is very slow due to the number of roadside bombs planted by the group and the number of suicide auto bombings it carries out every day”, said Sabah Karhout, head of Anbar provincial council, in a telephone interview.

Provincial official: Islamic State militants kill up to 50 Iraqi troops in