3 Pointer Record in NBA Finals Broken by Danny Green

Danny Green is a basketball player who plays for San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. He shot himself into history books during game 5 of the NBA Finals in 2013 on Sunday night when he broke the all time record of 3 pointers. He now has 25 form the first 5 games. Out of 38 attempts at the basket, he has scored 25 which is a massive 70% success. Because of his antics, Antonio Spurs have now taken a 3-2 lead against Miami Heat in the NBA Finals 2013. The action now moves to Miami where the final 2 games of the series will be played.Danny Green



In the process, Danny went past the old record of 24 points that was set by Ray Allen in 2008. Ray got 22 for Boston Celtics in 7 games in 2008 against Lakers. Interestingly, Danny himself said during the weekend that he did not play for records and was more interested in a win for his team. Numbers don’t really matter to him and the only thing on his mind was team’s victory. With a 114-104 win against Miami Heat in the 5th game of the final under his belt, there is nothing more that Danny can really ask for. If anything, he could be the NVP of the NBA Finals this year if he secures a win in the remaining 2 games of the series for his team.


Danny GreenReacting to his new record, Danny said that he was happy only to have played a part in his team’s success. He added that he is feeling blessed and that the basketball gods seem to be in the favor of his team right now. He said that he is merely focusing upon his role and his game and is not unduly worried about numbers as there is always time later on to reflect upon these numbers.


Danny is the same player who has been cut twice in his NBA career since joining in 2009. He was cut once by Cleveland Cavaliers and then by the Spurs again. There was a time when he even went to Slovenia to play basketball and had to work his way through D league. The same ordinary player who was chided for his erratic shots and lack of agility is today on the verge of becoming the most valuable player of the NBA Finals. He may not be a superstar yet, but he certainly has a special ability to basket from long distances. There are many experts who still consider Green to be an ordinary player if one goes by NBA standards. But for the Spurs, he is a great player who is likely to lead them to their 5th title in the last 15 years.


Once a journeyman, Danny is today an apple of the eye of those who matter the most in San Antonio Spurs team. His shooting abilities have played a big role in his success in the NBA so far. Incidentally, Green has more points this season than 2010 and 2011 combined.




Image Credit: http://www.hdsportswallpaper.com