5 New Fitness Activities of 2017 Worth Trying

The fitness world has witnessed great new developments in the year 2017. There has been a deliberate effort to depart from the traditional workouts like crunches, and give a try to new innovative exercises, most preferably outside the gym. All these are done with one end in mind – keeping fit and healthy. Other than exercising, those who desire to have well-built bodies should consider using safe steroids to complement their workouts. It is a tall order to buy safe and reliable steroids with the emergence of fake stuff and unreasonably highly priced items. However, the team at steroides en ligne – 120kgs.com are determined to make safe and trusted steroids at quite affordable prices.


What are some of the 2017 fitness trends worth spending your hard earned money on? With already limited time, look to these new workouts that will give you your much-anticipated healthy, fit body. Read about these trends and give them a thought about incorporating them into your fitness program.

Virtual Boxing
There are now online boxing workout procedures in video form, which result in a simulated boxing experience. They come in about half hour video clips with well-planned and controlled activities that one can undertake in the comfort of his or her house, thus making sure that you won’t miss an exercise session. The activities have some shadow-boxing interchanged with vigorous workouts, all climaxing with a finishing blow. Subscriptions to these programs can be done on a monthly or annual basis. The virtual boxing sessions aid to burn calories, build strength, and increase swiftness and coordination.

Water workouts
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has traditionally been an on-land activity. This has changed in 2017, and swimming has taken over. There are workout sessions in pools that offer aqua jogging, sprints that are timed and other fabulous activities. Furthermore, planks are done by the poolside to wrap up the in-pool workouts.

Floating Yoga
This involves performing the usual workouts but on boards. In some activities the core is taken through a series of yoga stretches and simple martial-arts actions, while balancing in a sloping raised board.

Competitive heart rate
This involves finding the heart rate level at which your body is at its best to break down fats. The athlete is connected to a heart monitor and trainers take him or her to that level using various workout machines, such running on a treadmill, lifting masses, and other workouts. During these classes, the participants do vigorous workouts like squats and high knees, while the heart monitor displays the heart rate and the calorie breakdown. The activities will fire up the metabolic activities, such that the body is still breaking down calories hours after the session.

Hardcore parkour
This involves climbing walls and jumping from one rail to another, or from one high place to another. It is a fun activity and a workout simultaneously, due to the effort to climb or leap from one point to another.


Spice up your workout by trying out one of these activities. Which one do you think you will give a go?