Abu Dhabi Airport Introduces Futuristic Sleeping Pods

Do you have several hours before you get your scheduled flight but do not have the energy or strength to go out and hit a mall or a disco? If you happen to be at the international airport in Abu Dhabi you can now get the delightful experience of the futuristic sleeping pods as they are called. These pods are essentially reclining chairs that can be converted into extremely comfortable beds to fall asleep without being required to make any efforts.



Get some much needed rest amidst all the din at the airport

These sleeping pods are an effort by the administration to provide comfort to stressed out travelers and shield them from all the noise and lights that are inevitable at the airport. People have welcomed the move by the authorities and are waiting for their turn to get a chance to get inside these sleeping pods and have some relaxation, and possibly a sound sleep that is impossible to even think inside the airport. Initially, 10 such sleeping pods have been installed between terminals 1 and 3 but plans are afoot to increase this number to close to 50 within this year. As of now, there is no internet in the sleeping pods but there are plans to provide this facility soon. Also, authorities are planning to provide storage space inside these sleeping pods to travelers so as to free them from any worries about their luggage.

Sleeping Pods1The concept of providing an area to the tired commuters to sleep and get some rest is not new as Moscow Airport is famous around the world for its sleepbox. This is a cabin that is fitted with facilities of TV, internet, music, and dimming lights to have the traveler relaxed and entertained at the same time. If you are inside Moscow Airport and also have some free hours for yourself, you can use this sleepbox to have a totally relaxed environment inside the busy airport as you are isolated from all the lights and noises, not to mention all the crowds.

You can shut your eyes and just listen to some soothing music or watch something interesting on the net to get some entertainment to reduce your stress levels. You can buy time starting from 15 minutes to as many hours as you think you would like to remain isolated from the world.


Of course you have to buy the rest


Coming back to the sleeping pods installed in Abu Dhabi International Airport, passengers need not try to curl up on theAbuDhabi Airport floor or the metal seats as they can pay some money and buy some much needed rest for themselves with the help of these futuristic cabins. These chairs have a sliding shade that you can pull up partially of fully to protect you from all the noises and lights. The experiment of Gosleep or the sleeping pads are on its trial run where the authorities are checking whether the passengers are happy to pay $12 for an hour’s rest or sleep inside these cabins or not.