All 3 billion Yahoo accounts hacked in 2013 data breach

Yahoo says the e-mail does not ask users to click on any links or contain attachments, and does not request personal information. Verizon Communications, who acquired Yahoo shortly after the breach was communicated to the public, acquired the company for a slight price break on the deal. She later left the company as Yahoo was bought by Verizon. Turns out all three billion accounts were breached – three times the initial count – more than the number of people living in China, India and the United States, combined.


In March, an internal investigation by Yahoo’s board found that senior executives “did not properly comprehend or investigate” information about the breach that their security team had known about. Last September, Yahoo reported an incident affecting 500 million accounts that took place in 2014.

Now a part of Verizon subsidiary Oath, along with AOL, Yahoo said that all of its members were affected by the August 2013 data theft. This also affects those who have A Yahoo Fantasy Sports account.

The news expands the likely number and claims of class action lawsuits by shareholders and Yahoo account holders, they said.

The hack attack against Yahoo had exposed a bevy of user account details, from names and email addresses through to hashed passwords, phone numbers and even birthdays. Not all of these data elements may have been present for your account.

As for credit card, bank account or other payment details: Keep watch over balances and statements.

· Yahoo required potentially affected users to change their passwords.

“Yahoo also invalidated unencrypted security questions and answers so they can not be used to access an account”.


A spokesman for Oath, the new company formed by Verizon containing Yahoo’s online services, said Oath would immediately begin notifying the holders of the 2 billion additional accounts now known to have been compromised.

Yahoo: All 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 breach