American and British Light Tanks Available In World of Tanks

Of the six different types of tanks available in the World of Tanks, the light tanks are primarily used to scout the map. These light tanks have high top speeds and a high power to weight ratio and can move up steep slopes that medium and heavy tanks fail to climb. Speed of light tanks can be used to scout enemy territories and can make a speedy escape when detected and chased by larger tanks. A few light tanks available are designed for combat and therefore will be slower and will have higher armor value.


Characteristics of light tanks

  • Maximum armor plating a light tank can have is 85mm.
  • Fastest light tank can travel at a speed of 79 kph.
  • Weight of the heaviest light tank is 40 tons, when fully equipped.
  • Firepower of most light tanks is substantially lower and therefore cannot face off with medium or heavy tanks. However, a few light tanks are an exception and have high armor and firepower.
  • AMX 40, AMX 13 90, Valentine and WZ 132 are light tanks that have good armor, but a considerably slower.
  • Camouflage value of light tanks is the same while moving and while not moving. This helps light tanks to avoid easy detection.
  • A light tank that has had maximum camouflage training can avoid detection to about 240 meters.
  • On the map, light tanks will show as a red rhombus or as a solid green marker.
  • As light tanks have good speeds, they are more probable to avoid artillery fire.
  • Light tanks can be used to capitalize on any gaps in the enemy’s defense.
  • These light tanks can be used to move to the back of the enemy defenders and to attack them from behind, where the armor is weak.
  • Camouflage values of light tanks are higher than tank destroyers.

American Light Tanks

American light tanks are a bit slower when compared to other light tanks, but make up for it in firepower. The different American light tanks available in the game are:

  • Tier 1 Tanks

T1 Cunningham

  • Tier 2 Tanks

M2 Light Tank

T2 Light Tank


  • Tier 3 Tanks

M3 Stuart

M22 Locust


  • Tier 4 Tanks

M5 Stuart

  • Tier 5 Tanks

M24 Chaffee

  • Tier 6 Tanks


  • Tier 7 Tanks


British Light Tanks

Scouting characteristics of British light tanks are not prominent as they were built to be combat tanks. Maneuverability of these tanks is almost indistinguishable and do not lose much of their camouflage value when moving. British light tanks available in the game are

  • Tier 2 Tanks
    1. Cruiser Mk. I
    2. Cruiser Mk. III
  • Tier 3 Tanks
    1. Cruiser Mk. II
    2. Cruiser Mk. IV
  • Tier 4 Tanks
  1. Valentine
  2. Covenanter


Matthew is a freelance game blogger who has been closely following the tactics used in the World of Tanks game.