‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ spoilers: Sarah Paulson talks about theme and

Just recently, two teasers for “American Horror Story: Hotel” went live. Last night, Lady Gaga was spotted filming a scene at LA’s iconic LACMA near its infamous cast-iron streetlight display.


There are few things that tie all four seasons of “American Horror Story” together beyond just some thematic similarities and the presence of Pepper / Sister Mary Eunice.

Perhaps the biggest buzz for the upcoming season came from the casting of Lady Gaga.

Sarah was also asked what it was like to not have Jessica Lange on the set of American Horror Story as the legendary actress has left the series.

Have your hands at the ready, for the short teasers featured above and below will simultaneously invoke head-scratching bewilderment accompanied by eye-covering shock and horror.

The first one was entitled “Do Not Disturb”. In the first teaser, we look through a hotel room door’s peephole to see a special visitor has arrived: it’s a man without a face! When the audience expected it to be something amusing given that a clown was in the picture, the viewers got the opposite feel.

In a recent interview, “American Horror Story: Hotel” cast member Sarah Paulson has admitted how much she is looking forward to actually meeting co-star Lady Gaga.

Our first glimpse of the new season comes courtesy of a video announcing Lady Gaga’s involvement with the season.


In American Crime Story, Paulson will play prosecutor Marcia Clark, who did everything in her power to put O.J. Simpson in prison in real life, only to have a conviction fall through her fingers. Ahead of the release, new images have emerged giving us an inside peek at the Mother Monster’s character, The Countess Owner of “Hotel” Cortez. Furthermore, her role will also give rise to a love triangle between Bassett’s and Wittrock’s characters, reported CBS News. With two scary trailers that hit the screens before its season premiere, the latest season may be as horrid as its trailers.

Sarah Paulson From 'American Horror Story' Is Gaga For Gaga