And then the levees broke, reporter remembers covering Katrina

He made sure to remind everyone that on this 10-year marker of Katrina, the toll that the storm had taken on the area and its residents still needed to be remembered, and that there was still more to be done.


Alumni members will gather at Bayou on Pennsylvania Avenue for a benefit happy hour, just as they’ve done every year since the storm. “The health care landscape has improved significantly in New Orleans“, he says.

Our guests arrived having essentially lived on the streets of New Orleans and in shelters for over a week.

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Gulf Coast lawmakers, including Cochran, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, pushed for billions in federal aid.

A decade later the tattoos, although living memorials of Katrina, can also be a coping mechanism, Alderman said. “But our recovery is not yet complete”. He says he still continues to defend the city, and its people, to those from out-of-town who have negative opinions. Some communities are still recovering. “It was that I took too long to decide”.

We should all be proud of what we accomplished working together 10 years ago.

From the whitening of New Orleans, to the new houses replacing the flooded homes grandparents bought after WWII, the former public housing that is now mixed income and mostly unaffordable to original inhabitants and the people who suffer from panic attacks whenever a storm approaches, the hurricane is with us, daily. “In many cases we have gone from worst to first”. The goal of resilient New Orleans is to help strategize for our future city for the coming generation.

All residents do agree, however, that minorities and poorer people were less supported by the recovery efforts than the wealthy, middle-class and white segments of the population. As Hurricane Sandy showed in 2012, New York City is dangerously vulnerable to flooding.

“That was horror and a nightmare, we had no water and no lights”, said Bell. That was a lasting moment for me.


By phone, he told us he knew the city would be attractive again one day, so in 2009 created the globe so visitors would never forget the Katrina tragedy. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., joined them. I tracked a wrap report that afternoon that included the line, “New Orleans dodged a bullet”. Once that work is lined up, Landrieu announced that the workers will come from the city. “We really do not need any reminders of that”, said artist and merchant Carol Lewis. “It’s a stronger version of itself”.

Couple remembers Hurricane Katrina 10 years later