Android Auto update adds home screen tweaks and expanded notifications

So, this means that apps like Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+ and Google Newsstand don’t need to be preinstalled.


If you rock Android Auto in your vehicle, go grab the update. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may notice a new update has reached the Android Auto app, upgrading it to version 1.2. These companies want you to see-and use!-their services, so of course they’ll require OEMs to preinstall these apps. Manufacturers and carriers alike often load up our smartphones with apps that they’d like us to check out, and at best we can quickly uninstall these apps and move on. One of these requirements is that OEMs must pre-install a range of Google applications on their devices, some of which are useful to pretty much all users, and some of which are not. And if you do want Google Play Games, Books, Newsstand, or Google+, they’re a simple Play Store install away.

Well, Google have chose to do something about that and have cut down on the number of apps they make you have on the Android operating system.

Let’s just hope that more manufacturers take Google’s new “less is more” approach to preinstalling apps in the future.


The problem with bloatware doesn’t actually live within Google’s fence, in fact, Apple has hopped onto the bandwagon as well with iOS 9 coming pre-installed with apps that are otherwise available for free from the App Store.