Android for Computers

Android is the open source operating system for the mobiles from Google that has not just challenged the hegemony of Apple but even become the preferred OS for most of the smartphone manufacturers around the world. Now the news is coming in that this operating system is making its entry into the world of computers in the form of a giant tablet being launched by HP called Slate 21. What’s new many would argue, saying there are already tablets powered by Android OS in the market. In fact, the market is full of tablets that work on Android OS. But wait a second and have a closer look at the gadget made by HP as it stands on its own and is ready for the daily computing tasks of the young generation. It is hard to classify HP 21 as a pure tablet or pure PC as it is bit of both.



With the arrival of HP 21, the thin line dividing the world of computers and mobiles, or rather the operating systems, would become more blurred than ever. This is perhaps the worl’s first PC that is powered not by Windows or any other OS for the computers but by Android, an OS that has been accepted as the OS for mobiles only. The gadget was on display during the HP World Tour event held at Beijing. This giant of a tablet has a 21.5 inch touch screen and is powered by a super fast Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. HP 21 has 8 GB of onboard memory and has other features of a laptop like a webcam, USB port, in built speakers, SD card reader, and even wireless printing capability. The device runs on Android 4.2.2, the latest operating system for the mobiles.


android-mini-computerWhile the slate can do some computing, it has been made primarily for the home users who want to make use of a gadget for sharing of content and entertainment. What is amazing is the fact that the gadget can store and maintain apps and programs for up to 5 users in a home so that a particular member of the family finds his own home screen and the apps when he makes use of the device. According to HP, tablets are becoming more powerful with each passing day. It makes no sense to confine the users to the touch screen. So though the tablet remains sleek and slim and lies on the table like a tablet, you can attach it to the keyboard to work on it like a desktop. Also, you can tilt the tablet to place it at an angle to get the experience of a desktop.



Experts feel that this gadget will be loved by the youth and kids as they spend more times on their smartphones thanSmallest PC their laptops and desktops. Yes, it is technically still a tablet but Android seems to be sneaking closer to the world of computers and the day is not far off when it will also rule supreme in desktops and laptops.