Ankit Fadia appointed Digital India brand ambassador; govt confirms it

Amid an uproar over the authenticity of Fadia’s credentials, the government was hasty to issue a statement that it hasn’t appointed any ambassadors yet.


His Facebook post also said: “Humbled and honoured to be appointed as one of the brand ambassadors to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” initiative”.

Fadia put a certificate on Facebook listing him as a brand ambassador for Digital India and said that he was issued the certificate a couple of months ago for the same. “When contacted, Fadia told ET that the brand ambassadors were supposed to promote Digital India on social media and to participate in Digital India’s nationwide events”.

In the evening, though, the government issued a fresh statement saying it had nominated four people as brand ambassadors for a period of one year including Fadia, to propagate the products and applications being launched by the ministry under the Digital India programme.

Apart from Fadia, the other brand ambassadors are Pranav Mistry, Krati Tiwari and Satwat Jagwani. Fadia’s Facebook post regarding the appointment took social media by storm.

A few hours after the clarification, the link to the PIB release was no longer working, implying that the govt had retracted its denial.


Fadia is a weird decision considering he isn’t a business person in the most genuine sense and is viewed as all the more a security master. · All of thirty years, Ankita Fadia describes himself as an Indian charlatan, author, speaker and self-proclaimed ethical hacker, His claim-to-fame was the show ‘MTV, What The Hack!’ · At the age of 15, Fadia wrote his first book on ethical hacking which made the youngest author to be published by MacMillan India. Given his reputation, the claim immediately raised doubts. He’s infamous for having allegedly hacked CHIP magazine’s website in 2013, a claim that former CHIP editor Charles Assisi denied via a post on the Forbes.

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