Anne Hathaway geeks out over Mariah Carey at movie premiere

Hathaway said she feels awkward approaching people in public situations, unless it’s for a meal or for work. Anne Hathaway lost her cool at the New York premiere of her new movie “The Intern” after spotting Mariah Carey on the red carpet.


“I auditioned for What Women Want to be Mel Gibson’s daughter, and then I auditioned for The Holiday, and I didn’t get it”, Hathaway told People Magazine at an NYC screening for The Intern on Tuesday night. “You’re in with me”. Not a rom-com as much as a calm-com, The Intern is a changeup from Meyers, bravely veering away from romance and moving in the direction of a character-driven friendship in which the characters genuinely appreciate each other. His latest “innovation”? Establishing a senior internship program for retirees, one of whom is a 70-year-old widower played by Robert De Niro.

Meyers: There’s an initial reaction of ‘Seriously?

Writer-director Nancy Meyer (“It’s Complicated”) has created another old-fashioned crowd-pleaser in trendy wrapping that older moms, in particular, will enjoy. A portion of screen time is spent on the problems that arise within the couple’s arrangement, but as with all issues in Meyer’s universe, they’re not so dire that they can’t be resolved in a warmly lit scene set to a plaintive yet hopeful piano-heavy score.

“He is a really kinda zen guy”, Meyers piped in. “I’m a very good reader of character”. Then she noticed that the sentence didn’t seem to make any sense and was grammatically incorrect. You know, he’s not a million jokes a minute, but he cares about what he does so much. I am not a hater of the Academy Award victor, but I have had my fill of her more lachrymose performances.

“Current statistics says it’s going to take 85 years for women to achieve pay equality, so I’d like to see it happen at a little bit of a faster clip”. He was married for 40 years. Again, he said: “I’m not doing this darling”.

AP: There’s talk of a remake of “Private Benjamin” starring Rebel Wilson.

Anxiety is always there, and I think as long as you are a liar you have anxiety about something.

We want to hear it.

Hiring older interns, who would bring a wealth of life and work experience with them to the job, is an idea put forward by Jules’ office manager, Cameron (Andrew Rannells); Jules herself is not really that keen on the notion.


Ben is a stark contrast to the startup company’s staff of young, fashionable twenty-somethings, but he adjusts himself to the trendy environment after befriending fellow workers.

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