Apple and Landbank Investments Sign Deal to Build Another ‘Spaceship’ Campus

As a signal of Apple’s extraordinary growth trajectory it appears even its growth has outstripped its new spaceship Cupertino headquarters which is under construction.


The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has secured a deal for a curvaceous, 777,000-square-foot campus in neighboring Sunnyvale, according to BizJournals, a real estate news publication that cited unidentified sources.

The almost 800,000-square foot campus will reportedly be built at Wolfe Road and Central Expressway. The land that we are talking about will be bought by Apple Inc. from Land bank Investments, LLC. Each structure will have its own central atrium that is mostly open-air, not to mention that Apple is looking at building rooftop greenhouses.

And like it’s first Spaceship campus, which is just one large ring, the plan calls for smaller enclosed courtyard in each of the three buildings. The new building will be covered with a curvilinear glass.

LandbankThe alleged new Apple campus is in the heart of Sunnyvale at Central and Wolfe cross streets. It is unclear whether Apple, which has other Sunnyvale offices, is leasing or purchasing the space.

Apple has said construction on the 2.8-million-square-foot building is expected to be completed in 2016.

So it makes sense for the iPhone maker to build another spaceship-like campus in Sunnyvale.


The second spaceship is not an Apple special – it wasn’t designed specifically for the company. Non-symbolically, it will also be the latest piece of memorable Apple architecture, a burgeoning genre unto itself, to grace the Bay Area. There is no doubt that this would be a flawless place to develop the Apple auto with the 3,000 strong workforces.

Apple Reportedly 'Seals Deal' on on 777000 Square Foot Landmark Campus