Apple Inc. Music Debuts In China Alongside iBooks And iTunes Movies

The price of Apple Music in China is a sharp drop compared to that in the USA, where membership costs almost $10 a month, although it is in line with that of other streaming services in the country such as Tencent’s QQ Music, Netease and Baidu. You’ll have the option to disable auto-renewal at this point.


Music streaming providers in China are all faced with trying to get listeners to pay for the stuff after years of downloading pirated music for free, Marc Schneider, an editor for the Billboard magazine, wrote in an article on Friday. “About 7 1/2 million people are potentially going to get a $10 surprise”. When it debuted Apple Music, Apple focused on its curated playlists that are entirely made by humans, largely seen as a jab at Spotify, which uses algorithms to help make its playlists. For the first time, customers in China will have access to Apple’s entertainment ecosystem with music, movies and books right at their fingertips.

If you want to tackle the job in iOS, simply tap the Music icon go enter the app then tap the silhouette in the top left corner to open the Account menu.

I haven’t beenalonein expressing my frustrations. The popular family plan will also be available at 15 RMB/month for up to six family members. You can stream any Apple Music song, playlist or album, and download it for future offline listening.

One thing is immediately obvious with Apple Music’s interface and that is that white is favoured heavily throughout.

But Beats 1also feels like it doesn’t necessarily belong in the Music app that comes preinstalled on myiPhone, especially in the dead center of the app’s menu.

That’s because when you signed up for the Apple Music free trial you also opted in to be billed automatically, and Apple isn’t planning to ask you twice.


After all the fanfare and controversy, Apple Music has now been with us for three months, which is an important milestone and one that Apple will be keeping a keen eye on.

People are complaining about being charged after Apple Music free trial ends