Apple inks deal for second ‘spaceship’ campus in Silicon Valley

This is a planned 777,000-square-foot project known as the Central & Wolfe campus, that’s been put together by Landbank Investments LLC. Terms of the deal couldn’t immediately be learned, but I’m led to believe that Apple has leased, not purchased, the project.


Interestingly, the new campus already has its own website at marketing pun that describes the spaceship-like architecture of Apple’s campuses.

As well as its giant spaceship headquarters that is being built in Cupertino, Apple has sealed a deal to build a second round-shaped building in nearby Sunnydale. The new project also highlights Apple’s massive expansion. The various north San Jose sites could eventually contain 3.77 million square feet, space equivalent to a pair of major regional shopping centers. Despite that lofty perch, all of this activity raises the bare question: Why does Apple need all of this space?

Apple has been building outward from its Cupertino home. “My guess is that it’s probably a auto”.

According to the Central & Wolfe campus website, the future Apple “spaceship” will come with a standalone garage and an under-building podium parking which will eliminate the need for a surface parking lot. Last month, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles revealed that the agency met with Apple about the state’s rules for testing autonomous vehicles on public streets.

Consequently, this will allow the development company to keep more than 9 acres of open space around the campus building and to add more than 90,000 square feet of gardens.


Expansion and growth are key indicators of a successful company.

Apple Reportedly 'Seals Deal' on on 777000 Square Foot Landmark Campus