Apple Music, iTunes Movies and iBooks now available in China

Families can also subscribe for £14.99 per month, and that will allow up to six users to have access to that Apple Music account.


It was only on Wednesday that the iPhone maker decided to make their iTunes, Movies and iBook services available for Chinese users, as well.

In a previous article posted in The Wall Street Journal, Counterpoint, a research firm, stated that Apple’s $9.99 per month subscription plan may catch customers from the West but not from the Asian countries. Google announced that they will be launching their Play Music Family Plans later this year, and its price is more reasonable than getting each member a separate subscription.

Current users have two options to manage Apple Music: the first is to do nothing. Apple Music will feature local artists such as Eason Chan, Li Ronghao, JJ Lin and G.E.M. Apple Music members will be able to add to their collection and save songs for offline listening or quickly share favorite music with friends on social media.

Apple Music, the iPhone maker’s answer to streaming services Spotify and Pandora, will kick off with a three-month trial before charging $1.57 a month, the Cupertino, California-based company said in a statement.

China has become increasingly important to Apple in recent years.

If you signed up for the free Apple Music trial on or around June 30th then it is about to expire.

Users can also rent or purchase movies from Chinese studios as well as Hollywood blockbusters on the iTunes Store. You can also do the same thing in the Apple Music app.

Apple Music turns three today, and if you want to be around for its next birthday, you’ll have to start paying.

A few books will be free for download on the store, while others will start at RMB 0.5 (US$0.08).


Movies on iTunes will be available at a starting price of five yuan for a high-definition rental and 18 yuan to buy a new release.

Mike Wehner