Apple Prepares To Launch Trade-In Program

apple-starts-iphone-trade-in-program-iphone-5With how popular Apple has become, it is only logical that they do everything they can to make sure that they are going to keep everyone happy. This is why they are instituting a trade-in program that will allow for owners of an old iPhone to be able to trade it in for a newer model. This type of trade-in service is going to be operating starting tomorrow and will be officially released mid-September.


This is at the same time of the presentation of the new iPhone to be released. This is going to be open to U.S. customers who go into the Apple Store and as long as your iPhone has no hacks, it is alright. Depending on the condition of the phone is going to determine how much you are going to get for the trade. Of course, the company is not going to take in a phone that has been altered in any way as this would be against the terms and conditions of the contract that was signed prior to even getting the phone in the first place. .

The amount credited will be put on a gift card where they will be able to buy the newer model. They are avoiding cash as this would cost the company a lot more money and it doesn’t guarantee that the customer would buy a new phone. There was a rumor going FILE: Apple To Report Quarterly Earningsaround where they were saying that Apple will sell your broken iPhone after repairing it to developing countries. However, from what Apple says, this is simply not true.

Many people are excited at the trade-in aspect of the company. The more the company does things like this, the more people are going to trust them. Apple has a history of making big changes to attract new customers. This is a smart thing they are doing because often getting a new phone is costly and this is going to offer the customer something for something they have no more use for.


Not only is Apple recycling (which is something the company is highly involved in), but it also gives the customer something to look forward to and they will take good care of their phone. This is something that many people don’t seem to get when they have a phone. The new program is sure to spark a lot of interest as well as hate with different people. However, the bottom line is that Apple is always looking out for their customers and potential customers.