Apple Releases iOS 9.0.2 With Important Security Fix

We tested on an iPhone 6 (the same device used in our previous tests) running the newly-released 9.0.2, again with both a 6-digit numeric and an 8-digit alphanumeric passcode.


Given the problems the iOS 9 has, Apple was pressured to quickly roll out an update that fixes most, if not all, of the issues of the software update. September was a busy month for iOS 9.1 and these quick points will catch you up to speed. It can also be downloaded to a Mac or Windows PC through iTunes and installed on a connected device. Tap “install Now” at the bottom. Also make sure you’ve backed up your device.

With the release of iOS 9.0.2, Apple brought in a bunch of bug fixes to the table, while at the same time throwing in another surprise by ceasing to sign iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9.0.

Weeks ago, Apple proudly released its iOS 9 that promised a lot of good app and functionality updates.

Resolves an issue where an iCloud backup could be interrupted after starting a manual backup.

To replicate, simply enter four different incorrect passcodes, and – carefully so as not to temporarily lock yourself out of iOS 9 – enter three digits of the fifth.

As was discovered in iOS 9.1 beta 2, iOS 9.1 also adds a new Messages option in the Settings app, allowing users to disable photos for their contacts. Many users were unable to adjust their mobile data settings. We haven’t seen any reports of problems with it yet, but it’s probably worth waiting a day or two if you don’t need any of the specific fixes right away.


With new iOS 9.1 details emerging today, we want to take a look at a few things iPhone 5s owners should keep in mind ahead of the update’s unknown release date.

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