Apple’s latest iOS update will give you more Emojis to choose from

After years of being noticeably absent from Apple’s keyboard, the hotly anticipated emoji has appeared in the developer version of iOS 9.1, a software update that will be released to the public sometime this fall.


The slew of new emoji icons includes a burrito, a taco, the unicorn head, and a detective.

Of course, if the middle finger emoji doesn’t sound like the best thing since sliced bread to you, fret not – the Unicode Consortium most likely has something for you, too.

The GM’s presentation form, which speaks to the last discharge before the product hits open gadgets, takes after on from the iOS 9 beta 5 seed discharged back toward the start of August.

Others you’ll see are a nerd face with glasses, robot face, crab, turkey and squirrel.

Amit Chowdhry finds much to his liking: About five months ago, Apple released iOS 8.3 with racially diverse emoji.

There’s no saying when iOS 9.1 will be released to the public, most of us will just be glad to get our hands on iOS 9.0 in the very near future. The show is stolen by the debut of the one and only middle finger.

So what are we getting? With the launch of the iPad Pro coming in November, Apple may push to have iOS 9.1 mastered in time.

“This is a pre-release version of iOS 9.1 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch”, Apple said.


“Almost every category has had new emoji added – we saw a racecar, satellite, prayer beads, award medals, new square images showing camping and a ton more“, the site notes. Or they will when Apple’s update to its mobile operating system, iOS 9.1, arrives later this autumn. If you don’t have an Apple developers account there is another way to get the beta on your iOS device.

Some emotions are so raw so powerful that the only way to express them is with a tiny unicorn head