Apple sells record 13 million new iPhones

“In 2016, Apple will have to sustain iPhone 6S sales throughout the year in a mature smartphone market, and it must find a way to redesign the iPhone look radically to continue to drive upgrades”.


Analysts had expected the company to sell 12 million to 13 million phones this past weekend.

Thats a whole lot of smartphones and, like last years iPhone 6 launch, which moved nine million phones over its first weekend, this year’s device sets a new high-water mark for a brand that has never stopped growing.

Past year when Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company reported a record amount of sales in the first weekend since launch.

The firm also posted the largest ever quarterly profit by a public company of £11.8bn.

Apple sold a record 13 million iPhones during the debut weekend of its latest handsets, as enthusiasts from Beijing to New York rushed to stores to be the first with the new devices.

Apple will only say Watch sales are ahead of its (unrevealed) projections, and that it’s in the early days of building a retail presence for its new gadget. Furthermore, the front camera has also been improved to 5 megapixels with Retina Flash, making it an ideal phone for selfie lovers.

The next quarter will assume importance since that will reflect the full quarter of the new models of the iPhone and the impact of the holiday season sales.

Apple detractors at the time felt Cook was simply boasting, but the firm seems to have really hit the proverbial jackpot with the bigger screen size. Last year, China was not included in the initial sales numbers due to Chinese regulators. And it has been a steady growth for Apple, because in 2013, they sold a combined 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c over the same period.

In its second wave of release this October 9, 40 more countries including Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan will get to buy the new models.


Check out our latest Apple coverage while you wait. Unlocked iPhone 6S Plus is priced at $749/£539, $849/£619 and $949/£699, depending on the model.

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