Are DropShades Just The Dumbing Down Of Google Glass?

You can expect the release of Google Glass to happen within the next year or so. This doesn’t give you much time to decide if you find them more valuable than the DropShade LED sunglasses. Chances are many people haven’t made up their minds yet, and might need more convincing. Maybe you are one that needs more convincing.


As you read this, you can help people decide-LED or Google Glass? Even more importantly, it may be fun to predict what type of people would purchase these items. Are the LED sunglasses a lesser intelligent form of Glass?

The Obvious LED and Glass Similarities

This might seem a bit elementary, but both have lenses and both are meant to be worn on the head. For instance, you can listen to music on them and you can take both of these technologies on the go with you. LED might be fun to use on the dance floor when music activates its lights of many colors. Google Glass might be very useful on the road when you need directions.

Either of these devices can open up your world to an entirely different set of possibilities. Your life may never be the same after trying either one of these novelty items. Also duly noted, both of these items may be household names before they officially go on sale.

What’s The Big Deal About LED Glasses?

Apparently they are supposed to be the next big thing. Someone reporting on Technorati seems to think these new sunglasses might steal some of Google Glass’ thunder. You can read for yourself. Author Lana Bandoim wrote, “Google Glass may be getting most of the attention, but there is another trend trying to compete with it,” much more convince may be necessary. This article also refers to the newly LED sunglasses that Dropshades created.

Bandoim does go on to say that these new shades are activated by music sent through this device’s microphone. In turn, this musical sound translates into light energy and emits rays of color by way of six light bars. According to this Technorati writer, apparently everyone has got to wear them. However, does anyone wonder why? Who really cares? Maybe no one really does. Then again, writer Bandoim didn’t actually say LED sunglasses would compete with Google Glass for attention–just that DropShades is trying.

A Half A Cents Worth Of Opinion

The opinion about DropShades LED sunglasses may deflate from two cents to a half a cent soon. However, at least it gives everyone something new to buzz about on Facebook and Twitter.

These glasses might help bring back the 1980s for some people who are into that sort of thing. However, will the fact that this new eye-wear invention can turn sound into colorful lights while music is playing cause people to swear off Google Glass?

Would everyone prefer the simplicity of the DropShades over the smartness of the Google Glass?

Maybe the DropShades are just the Dumbing Down of Google Glass. Only time will tell. It may just depend on how soon you have to go to the bathroom. (Reports indicate that Glass could be a possible violation of privacy: .)

Actually, The Real Answer About DropShades

These LED lenses actually were made just for fun. Can you imagine that? It just seems too simple of a device to be any fun, though.

By Erin Walsh


Guest Author: Erin Walsh is a technology junky and the Director of Public Relations of Boost Software. He enjoys blogging about topics in technology and occasionally guest posts on popular blogs about some of the most recent tech gadgets, windows installer errors, and other slow computer issues.