Around sports: Dillon escapes NASCAR crash with minor injuries

“This is a shot across the bow”. “We reinforced the catch-fence in different ways”. “We did this after the last incident [a 2013 Xfinity Series race]”.


NASCAR is a reactionary sport. It always has been.

While the Tricky Triangle is clear of traffic, in less than a month it will be crowded with screaming NASCAR drivers, racing hundreds of miles per hour at Pocono Raceway. “Just a frightening moment”. The race eventually got underway at 11:42 p.m. and lasted into early Monday morning, Sports Illustrated reported. Twelve other people were assessed after the accident.

As a result of the scary crash, 13 fans were examined and eight declined to be treated, according to U.S. Today. Dillon said that he didn’t think restrictor-plate racing should be eliminated from NASCAR, though he said that speeds should be brought down a bit. “Hopefully, we get to keep using it. Hopefully, the boss man doesn’t put it in the barn yet”. I think the speeds are too high.

“That’s the next thing”. It is hopeful that those fans will be okay, as they were attended to nearly immediately.

Despite a winless streak at Daytona that’s covered more than 10 years, Gordon’s statistics at NASCAR’s premier track are impressive. “That is the next biggest concern”.

“[I] tensed up and kind of just really gripped the wheel hard”.

I have been retained by two individuals who were sitting three rows up from the point of impact at the Daytona Coke Zero 400 crash. “The fence held up”. I feel as though some efforts need to be taken at the tracks, but the auto is set and ready to go.

“I’m confident as I’ve ever been right now, because of the safety”, he said. “Then I’ll guarantee that somebody is still going to tip over”.

A stunned Earnhardt seemed speechless as he crossed the finish line.

“Oh my God, that looked terrible”, he yelled into his radio. It comforted me pretty quick.

“That scared the hell out of me, I’ll be honest with you”.

“So it was a wicked ride but thank the good Lord above for taking care of me”. Denny Hamlin spun and cars stacked up, including Dillon, who was hit from behind.

Whitlock said an eerie silence followed the crash as fans around him stood in shock.

Dillon is also concerned.

Earnhardt Jr. led a large group of cars four wide across the start-finish line. “I could hear them, but they couldn’t hear me”.

“We are sorting out the best options we have in front of us with technology and innovation to make things better”, France said. Trying to eliminate at the end of the race where it’s deciding a victor probably should get played out. We can’t just eliminate grass because of one accident.

“When Austin’s vehicle got up in the air, it wasn’t because it got turned around aerodynamically”, he said. “Sometimes we can’t fix it until something happens to show us what can happen”.

That Dillon walked away with only a sore arm and tailbone, and only five fans suffered minor injuries, was a testament to NASCAR’s evolving safety improvements.

It hit the security barrier hard; It essentially fell to pieces, sending debris into the packed stands.

“Somebody please remind me how much Lap 2 pays again?” he smarted. “”(The fence) did its job. I love Daytona and this place has been unbelievable for me….

That means possible changes before the next restrictor-plate race, on October 25 at Talladega Superspeedway.

Kyle Busch hit another wall at Daytona worldwide Speedway.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race, making it his fourth at Daytona. They do not want glass separating them from the action.


The problem lies in getting these cars to stay on the ground. “They just don’t listen”.

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