Autopsy of Cory Monteith on Fast Track

The tragic news of death of Cory Monteith, the hearth rob of millions of teenagers and the popular star of TV series Glee has still not sunk in. Stunned fans of this innocent looking 31 year old TV star cannot believe that their favorite actor is no more. The Canadian actor and singer who played the character of Finn Hudson in Glee, was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver on last Saturday. His body was found by the members of the staff of the hotel when he did not check out on time. The police that arrived at the scene in a short while ruled out any foul play though they have not been able to reveal the cause of the death of this young and seemingly healthy actor.



Autopsy of the actor was performed on Monday. The result of autopsy and toxicology takes several days but CanadianCory Monteith police has said that it will be expedited and the results will be made public in a period of 2-3 days considering the concern shown by millions of people around the country. Barbara McLintock, the coroner said that this expediting of autopsy results does not mean there will be any compromise with the procedure. Barbara had earlier indicated autopsy might not be necessary if the cause of the death of the 31 year old actor could be ascertained through his medical history and medical records. But since Police could not reach a conclusion through primary investigation autopsy became necessary.


Cory Monteith According to police, Cory received a stream of visitors during his stay at the hotel. But CCTV footage revealed that he returned early Saturday morning to his hotel room all by himself. Though police is not ruling out any foul play, he was all alone when he died. Babrara said she was surprised with the amount of interest the death of Cory generated around the world as he was always thought of as a local boy who had made it big. It is not just his fans but also the costars and the crew of the serial he had worked with who are feeling stunned with the sudden death of this amiable and always smiling star. ‘He was a joy to work with’ is a common sentiment that has been echoed by many of his costars. He was a friendly man who was also very generous. Lee Michele, who was a friend and costar says that she is feeling shattered after hearing the news. Here rep has requested the media to respect her privacy.



Incidentally, Cory had a history of alcohol abuse and smoking and drinking at the age of just 13. He had to go to a rehab centre as early as at the age of 19. He even said that he was lucky to be alive to reporters. There are many who believe that Cory possible died of an overdose of alcohol and drugs. Vancouver police has said that Cory took heroin when he was alone in the hotel.