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Much like previous Batman Arkham ports, the PC versions were handled by another studio.


Arkham Knight is a worthy, if flawed, final act. “Gameplay will continue without leaderboard access until a connection is made”.

The horrors associated with failing those closest to you and creeping madness are themes that make our pointy-eared protagonist more relatable than before, but a supporting cast of layered, three-dimensional characters brings the story to life. After Mortal Kombat X and now Batman: Arkham Knight, WB isn’t doing itself any favors with PC gamers.

Batman: Arkham Knight” comes after 2009 and 2011’s release, “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and “Batman: Arkham City”.

But that hasn’t affected Arkham Knight’s chart placing significantly as United Kingdom numbers company Chart-Track doesn’t count digital downloads. During certain segments, Batman can even fight alongside allies who he can do combined attacks with. They are both very good video games, but I’m not sure that they belong together.

Aside from the depth of emotion injected by the story, Arkham Knight was riveting and kept me playing deep into the early hours of the morning.

Numerous core mechanics are exactly as you remember them. I’m not going to spoil anything, but there are twist and turns that will play with your emotions, especially if you’re a DC or Batman fan. “This is how the Batman died”. However, once you nail down the controls, you will feel like an absolute unstoppable bad-ass as you race down the streets, destroying feces, walls, trees, and pretty much anything that stands in the way. If you like Batman, chances are you will love the “Arkham” games. The Batmobile has an awesome battle mode that lets you fire machine guns and rockets.

Players who explore the ample side content will also encounter Batman regulars such as Penguin, Two Face, and Riddler, as well as some more obscure characters from the archives.

We were already convinced the first time we took the wheel, but vehicular combat does become repetitive since it evolves small as the game progresses.


A flood of complaints about a number of serious issues with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight caused Warner Bros. Nearly all of the major female characters spend the majority of the game either needing to be protected or rescued: Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Barbara Gordon (ex-Batgirl) are all taken prisoner and need rescuing. It has a lot of baggage surrounding it, but if you get a copy (on console for now), sit down and play it, I don’t doubt you will enjoy your time with it. This is a fitting send off for Rocksteady on this franchise, and they have done well to honor this pocket of the universe they created.

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