Battle Of Samsung Galaxy S4 Against Apple iPhone 5

The most famous Samsung series of Galaxy S4 is just to move out on sale. However, do you think it will be able to turn out to be the major and biggest smart handset of year 2013. The Samsung series of Galaxy S4 attaches by means of the propose character of the ‘S’ assortment. That requires by means of a synthetic (plastic) detachable battery cover up, somewhat than a metal framework.
IPhone 5 Screen compared with S4
The Samsung series of Galaxy S4 in addition to iPhone 5 might simply is only 0.1mm different in width, however the 0.99 inch of display genuine assets that distinguish them is an enormous chasm. Any person other a big giant will face no problem in getting his thumb as of one face of this mega S4’s massive display to the further. Such problem will become a solemn usability subject to few nevertheless, in the similar breath, place an iPhone 5 subsequently to such Samsung series of Galaxy S4 furthermore it will appear like a model for children.


Samsung Galaxy S4 – 1080p, 4.99-inches Super AMOLED screen
iPhone 5 – 640 x 1136 pixel, 4-inches IPS

IPhone 5 Storage compared with S4
Similar to all iPhone, such apple handset does not permit you to make use of memory chips. In contrary Samsung series of Galaxy S4 allows expandable SD cards. This makes receiving lots of storage space on your Samsung cell dirt shameful, however as well means nobody in their correct mind will eternally purchase one 64GB SD Samsung services of Galaxy S4. Apart in spite of the fame of such mobile the lack for the order for a higher ability model closed with such 64GB memory of Galaxy S3 from developing in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 16GB internal memory, in addition to memory card port
iPhone 5 – 16GB internal memory, 32GB and 64GB models accessible, it is non-expandable

iPhone 5’s GPU and CPU of S4
While the Samsung series of Galaxy S4 was primarily launched, we had a consideration that it will become one eight dual core handset. Nevertheless, soon subsequent to we were given the details to many nations, we will obtain the S4’s quad-core version. Creating a straight contrast with such iPhone 5 is quite jumbled. The iPhone employs an Apple’s way of designed CPU called as the iPhone A6 fragment. It is a dual for core 1.2GHz edition. Nevertheless, for a number of – if not several – the Galaxy S4 shall only be way too great. This is a Smartphone that will call for two hands to operate at times. So it is ultimately seen that that Samsung Galaxy S4 is far better than Apple iPhone 5 as a result former wins the battle.


In numerous spec respects, the Samsung series of Galaxy S4 without any said difficulty strikes and clear its way in the race with the most prominent competitor that is iPhone 5. The generational improvements are complicated to disregard.