Biden: US, China need to work together despite intense differences – Daily Journal

“So, of course, as you know, we haven’t talked in terms of attribution on the part of the USA Government with respect to the OPM intrusions”, the official said in the transcript. “We need to turn competition into cooperation”, Yang said.


“Nations that use cybertechnology as an economic weapon, or profit from the theft of intellectual property are sacrificing tomorrow’s gains for short-term gains today”, Biden told a bilateral meeting on Tuesday.

The Obama administration has stopped short of publicly blaming the breach on China, which has denied involvement, although members of Congress have pointed the finger directly at China.

“There are still problems and obstacles, and these require new ways of thinking”, he said.

But June Teufel Dreyer, political science professor at the University of Miami told RFA that Beijing has its own agenda this week that has small to do with addressing USA fears and concerns.

“Rapidly changing domestic and global realities call for Washington and Beijing to re-articulate and pursue the significant overlap in the Venn diagram of the US-China relationship…”

“Secondly, China still believes it has sovereignty over the entire South China Sea“.

The two nations had the duty to shape rules in all-important global negotiations, he added.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said the US has not accused anyone of the crime.

At the same time, both sides agreed that this year’s talks will help pave the way for a successful state visit to the USA by President Xi in September.

“They have no interest whatsoever in resolving any actual issues”, she said.

At high-level talks in Washington, China was intent on setting a positive tone ahead of a White House visit this fall by President Xi Jinping.

“So we have a real opportunity here to be able to come together…to deal with conserving and protecting the oceans”, he said, adding it could be “a centerpiece in the newly defining relationship with China“.

“[This] would dramatically extend the reach of the nation’s military beyond its southernmost base at Sanya on Hainan Island”, the paper cited unnamed analysts as saying.

Zhang Xiangchen, a Chinese deputy trade minister, said Washington should remove investment barriers imposed for security reasons, although he acknowledged that China had further to go than America in improving its investment climate. The two sides were expected to discuss issues such as computer security and tensions in the South China Sea.

Biden said the United States and China might not resolve all of their differences during the cabinet-level meetings but should commit to working on them.

In opening statements at the wide-ranging Strategic and Economic Dialogue forum in Washington, China expressed a desire for constructive relations with the United States, and said the two sides could manage their differences – as long as they accommodated each other’s core interests. He stressed that China and the United States should strengthen their collaboration.

“They haven’t taken enough account of China‘s political system, and their explanations of the atmosphere and of the language used by the [Chinese] are somewhat vague”.

“We are poised to collaborate with physicians and researchers in China to accelerate the advancement of medical care, sharing our experiences and outcomes for specific disease which may differ in the West vs. the East”, said Warren, who also acts as the chief medical officer at MORE health, a cross-border medical service consultancy startup.




Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the 7th US China Strategic and Economic Dialogue and 6th Consultation on People-to People at the U.S. State Department in Washington Tuesday