Bike Helmets Fitted with Google Glass like Gadget?

If you are a gadget lover looking for the breaking news on this front, you must be aware of the latest sensation from Google called Google Glass. It is a device that one can wear like a glass and it is fitted with a camera that records videos and captures photos of the surrounding as the individual moves around. The images and the videos are projected on to the eyes of the wearer of the Google Glasses and he actually sees them on the virtual screen that gets created in his vision some distance away so as to not cause him any disturbance. Google has only introduced the prototype till now but the world of gadgets lovers is already very excited with this new device and thinking about its possible uses. It is possible for the user to give commands to this Glass through his voice, buttons on the device, or by making hand gestures.



Have all the information on the visor of the helmet

If you are a cyclist or a motor cyclist, you will be happy to hear the latest news coming out of Russia. A small group ofGoogle Glass technology driven people have announced that they will soon be coming up with a helmet that they have labeled as LiveMap. This is a device that is fitted in a helmet and projects information on a virtual screen in the vision of the motorcyclist. The makers say that the user would be able to see the speed of the motorcycle on the visor itself and he will not need to look down at the tachometer to know the speed of the bike. This is not all as LiveMap will bring on the maps of the place and weather information for the user to give him alerts as he drives around.


There are both the pros as well as cons

There are many who are excited at the prospect of having an intelligent helmet on their heads while driving though there is no dearth of people who say that the new device will actually divert the attention of the motorcyclists to cause mishaps. These people say that there is already too much information on the minds of a motorcycle rider as he has to look at the road ahead, other vehicles on road and the instrument panel of the motorcycle all at the same time. To bombard a motorcyclist with loads of information onto a virtual screen in front of him will only confuse him and divert his attention form more pressing things that he should be looking at.


Google GlassesHowever, if one goes by the demands of the motorcyclists, it seems that they want the information on their visors rather than the instrument panel so that they can have a look at all that they need without looking down actually at the meter. However, talking about the pros and cons of a potentially wonderful gadget is like jumping the gun and we should all wait till the thing actually gets launched to have the first hand experiences of the motorcyclists.