Black Confederate flag supporter dies in traffic accident

Lafayette County Coroner Rocky Kennedy confirmed that a man killed in a rollover auto crash near Oxford was Anthony Hervey, who has been an outspoken member of the Oxford favor of the Confederate flag, for as long as most people can remember.


Tragically, according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, 49-year-old Anthony Hervey died when his auto rolled over on Highway 6 in Lafayette County.

Barnum told the Associated Press that Hervey swerved and crashed after another auto filled with four or five young black men began chasing them – she said Hervey was driving her SUV, which was not displaying any Confederate flags or stickers.

“It spun like mad and we flipped, flipped, flipped”.

Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman Johnny Poulos said Monday in a written statement that no other details of the accident will be available until accident reconstructionists have had a chance to take a look at the evidence. “It was terrible”, she said.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has yet to comment on Barnum’s claims, noting that there is still an ongoing investigation into the crash.

Barnum, who is from Oklahoma, was returning from a pro-Confederate flag and Southern history rally in Birmingham. City leaders there recently voted to remove the memorial from the park.

She said they were both supporters of the same cause and she was letting him drive her truck as they neared his hometown of Oxford so that he may navigate the area that was familiar to him. “They are the real racists!” she said.

The Clarion-Ledger reports Hervey and his passenger were on the way home from a Confederate Flag rally.

“This is not racism”.


Arlene Barnum, who was a passenger in the SUV was being treated for minor injuries. Mr. Hervey said “I show that the Civil War was not fought over slavery and that the demise of my race in America is not of the White man, but rather of our own making”.

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