Blonde Woman Rams Into SUV In Parking Lot

car-crash12The internet is an interesting place and sometimes, you can find a really good gem. However, this time it is in the way of a car accident that took place in Russia. In the video, a driver of a SUV has a dashboard recorder on his car and is clearly talking to someone. Suddenly, as the man is parked, a woman in a Hyundai comes racing towards his car and hits him.


What makes this video horrendous is that the woman in the Hyundai was not wearing her seat belt and flew at the windshield and bounced back into the passenger side seat. Of what it shows, it seems that the woman in the Hyundai is unconscious. However, she regains her composure as the man comes up to her and starts to ask her questions. A man comes up to the woman’s car and begins to talk to the man who was in the SUV.

The original video was posted by YouTube user janssensmit on August 19, 2013 and received 2,603 views. When it was uploaded by Sergei Patrushev on August 7, 2013, it received 113,000 views. Although the “exact” location was not revealed, based on the buildings and signs, it is safe to say it was in Russia. The incident showcases a lot of worries that are surrounding the country right now.

The comments, mostly in Russian of course, say things along the lines of “a classic test with a dummy” or “Maybe the girl had a heart attack or something”. The scenario is one everyone would rather wish to avoid. However, there is always that feat that one day, you are going to be involved in a car accident and have to deal with the damages. This happens a lot it seems, around the world. The most common causes of car accidents are from either falling asleep at the wheel or texting while driving.


Some of the comments in the video suggest that the woman in the car was drunk. If this is the case, it would be even more dangerous. This also has a chance of happening a lot and many are worried that there are going to be more accidents like this one if something is not done about it. The video is a good teaching tool of what NOT to do when you are behind the wheel. Mostly, everyone is glad that the woman in the Hyundai is alright.

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