Brace up for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

It has been quite some time now that Apple came up with a new iPhone model and the launch of iPhone 5 seems too far back. If one goes by the rumor mills, Apple is currently planning on the launch of two new models of iPhone 5. Speculations are rife that Apple has finally decided to take a plunge and compete with other smartphone makers who ride on the crest of cheaper price as it is planning iPhone 5C, the cheapest iPhone yet. The other model that the company is working on is of course the improved version of iPhone 5, and it will be christened iPhone 5S.



iPhone 5CEarlier, September 10 was being touted as the date on which Apple was believed to introduce these two new models to the world. However, it is now believed that it will not be before the end of October that consumers will be able to find these new attractions on the shelves of phone dealers. Apple’s iPhone 5C will be the first low end smartphone from the company. Company has decided to go with plastic as the material for the body of the phone to keep the prices down. Also, it has decided to make available the features and specs of previous models at very low prices. Surprisingly, iPhone 5C will be very attractive to look at as it will be available in many different bright colors.


The all new iPhone 5S will be the flagship phone of the company as and when it gets launched into the markets. It is widely expected to retain the design of the iPhone 5 as was the case with iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS respectively. It is likely that this smartphone will have a fingerprint scanner fitted on its Home button to allow only the owner to be able to use the features of the phone. The phone will be powered by the all new A7 processor that will have a faster speed to make for a richer user experience. The smartphone will boast an improved rear camera that is expected to allow the owner to use lens enhancements.


One minor change for the proposed phones will be to remove the iconic rectangular icon that has been there on thedt-deals-lunatik-iphone5-case-650x0 Home Button of all iPhones till date. The reason for this change is not yet clear though some say that Apple had to tweak the design to fit in the fingerprint sensor on this button.


New launches from Apple are always events of significance for most people. However, this time around, there is additional buzz surrounding the cheapest iPhone yet. It will boast modest specifications in comparison to iPhone 5S but it has been made very attractive to lure new and first time smartphone buyers. It is clearly a ploy to wrest back some of the customer base that has apparently gone to rival Samsung. Apple has given it the name iPhone 5C to indicate that it will be available in bright colors to appeal to the youngsters.