Brad Pitt Crashes A Wedding Reception

Imagine you are at your wedding reception and in walks Brad Pitt, you of course haven’t invited him, but are too stunned to react. The best part is that he isn’t there by accident, but has deliberately gate-crashed. This isn’t some woman’s fantasy that we are recounting, but something that actually happened recently. Well Pitt didn’t exactly gate-crash the wedding but was at the bar of the luxurious Stoke Park Hotel, where a wedding reception was happening.


The bride Abi Lingwood was too excited for words on seeing him there. Brad on his part was gracious enough to pose for pictures with Abi and her new husband. Things eventually got out of hand though when Abi’s friends came to know about Brad being there, this forced Brad to beat a hasty retreat. “The girls were going wild and mental so Brad and the people he was with went upstairs to a room for their meeting” Abi admitted.

Abi recounted how it was her husband who saw Brad sitting at the bar and dragged her there to see him. Brad was his usual charming self and according to Abi even complimented her, saying she looked good in her wedding dress. He congratulated the newlyweds and volunteered to pose for pictures. The next morning again the couple caught a glimpse of Brad in the hotel lobby, while he was leaving for a shoot to the nearby Pinewood studios.

Abi who is a sales executive with BMW shared this news with all her colleagues and this issue became a huge talking point with everyone in the organization and that too globally. If you are curious as to which movie Brad Pitt was shooting for at Pinewood studios, let us enlighten you. It is a movie called “Fury”, which is expected to be a thriller set during World War two.


“Fury” would be the second film in Brad Pitt’s career, which is set during the World War two. Before this he has acted in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards”, which is a fictional account of how Hitler was successfully assassinated by a group led by Pitt’s character in the film. Coming back to the whole wedding incident, Abi confessed that gloating about her meeting with Brad took away all the attention from the fact that she was newly married, but she honestly doesn’t mind it. After all, not everyone can boast about the fact that Brad Pitt was at their wedding and also have photos to back that claim.