Bug bites becoming growing health concern — CDC

Ticks are responsible for about 50,000 reported illnesses in the USA each year, according to the CDC.


“In some ways, what you should be concerned about when you’re out and about is the tick, not necessarily the disease, so there are a lot of precautionary measures that people can take”, he said.

However, there have been no Broome County deaths attributed to Lyme Disease.

According to Villarreal, a fever, headache or rash is common with West Nile. “I won’t come here in a month or so”, said hiker Linda Mishoulam. As a result, more people are at risk for infection. And of tick-borne disease cases, Lyme disease made up 82% of reported infections.

Between 2004-16 almost 700,000 cases of 16 insect borne illnesses were reported to the CDC.

“The ticks are mostly just trying to time out their life cycle to mammals they’re more active when it’s warmer and they’re are less active when it’s colder because they adjust to the same temperature as the environment”, says Draney. They’ve increased about 46 percent between 2004 and 2016. But since only one in eight to 10 cases are reported to public health authorities, there may be hundreds of actual, additional cases, according to Galanis.

The rise in mosquito-transmitted diseases nationwide is likely related to the spike in West Nile virus, which hit Illinois particularly hard starting in 2002, said Chris Stone, who studies mosquitoes for the Illinois Natural History Survey.

During this time period, nine new germs spread by mosquitoes and ticks were either discovered or introduced into the U.S. Some sprays only work against mosquitoes, while some also work against ticks, so you may have to read the labels carefully to make sure you are getting the correct kind.

“Your dog can get Lyme disease as well so it’s really important to protect yourself and your pets”, he said.

In the face of increasing incidence and threat from novel pathogens, the burden on local and state public health departments has increased. The data include illnesses reported in the USA states and territories. Second, not all the diseases described in this report were reportable for the full 13-year analysis period or from all states and territories; babesiosis data are only available from 2011 from some states.

Health experts believe this summer could be the worst when it comes to ticks. Overseas commerce and travel are more common than ever before.

What is happening in Britain and in Australia, according to Dr. Nicholas Watts, a global health specialist at University College London? The final goal of the new funding is finding a cure for Lyme and other tick based diseases.

Developing and improving laboratory and diagnostic tests for these diseases. “Some of the manifestations of Lyme Disease are deadly”, said Yourdon.


“So it shows how vulnerable we are if the vectors are there in sufficient concentration, and we have not seen the disease before in the population, it can be a fairly profound epidemic”, he said.

A Close Up Of An Adult Female An Adult Male Nymph And Larva Tick.                       Getty Images