Can boys join Girl Scouts now?

“I think people will decide what they want to do and we’re just going to continue to do what we do which is offer the best program for girls”, Alexander said.


“Women have a tendency to kind of downplay their accomplishments in life”, Hyland said.

You won’t find the CEO of The Girl Scouts of CT cheering the Boy Scouts decision to allow girls.

FiveThirtyEight ran a survey to see which values system was more in line with the values of Americans. Only girls should be in Girl Scouts.

The Boy Scouts had already been incorporating girls more into its offerings in recent years. Wharton says the Girl Scouts saw a decrease in membership several years ago, which spurred the organization to action. BSA still bans atheists. They are losing money and want to make more. Probably not (the girl loves cookies), but I love that the option is there for her.

Boy and girl scouts, for example, join forces and work side-by-side during food drives at community centers, churches and schools. She’s been fighting for years to be an official member of her brother’s troop. There’s actually a great deal of overlap among the different badge skills, including camping, vehicle maintenance, first aid, fitness, budgeting and even robotics.

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Boy Scout program is very traditionally focused on the outdoors. Ray Brauer, scout executive for Twin Valley Council Boy Scouts of America, said he expects interest in the programs to be strong. Despite some concerns over the years about inclusivity, I admire Scouting. It might not be so evident here in DE, but ideological outlook has broadly separated the Boy Scouts from the Girl Scouts.

The question is, though, are the two Scouting groups that much different?

The National Organization for Women had a mixed response to the Boy Scouts’ announcement.

– It will hurt the Girl Scouts, “which have served our young girls for so long”. Our data-backed, time-tested programs are created to meet the unique needs and specific interests of girls, including the way they learn best.


Asked what he thought about someone in the future becoming the first female Eagle Scout ever, Hemmelgarn said, “I am not sure who, or when, or what, but it will be a monumental day”. I was on my own to learn about camping and take the troop out (as a complete novice-having only taken the training and never really started a fire without supervision of the trainer). The Girl Scouts run a number of sleep-away and day camps across the US, too.

Boy Scouts of America Announce To Girls To Join