Cavs coach says bond with LeBron ‘more than meets the eye’

In one of the most historic NBA Finals performances from a numbers standpoint, James led both teams in points, assists and rebounds.


LeBron did everything, except win the series MVP.

To start with the obvious, LeBron James should have been named the Finals MVP even though he was on the losing team. For James to go two and four in the Finals, it’s not a bad thing. In three weeks, he would say of course I’d rather make the Finals than miss the playoffs.

You have to applaud him for finally making that stance after all these years of everyone else yelling it for him, but this was more out of him being mad and throwing his non-helping team under the bus.

This has been the mantra that James has reiterated throughout the season, playoffs and the Finals.

LeBron James was mad over the celebration the Warriors displayed after their Game 5 victory. “You lose the Finals, it’s disappointing”.

“We beat the first unit more times than they beat United States, and I think it was by a landslide”, Iguodala said. “But it just wasn’t our time“.

The Cavaliers exceeded expectations this year, especially once both Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were lost at different points in the playoffs with season-ending injuries. You’ve got to be healthy.

“You’ve also got to be playing great at the right time”. “Cleveland, get ready. You’re going to win probably two championships at least with this guy”.

Theoretically, if the team had remained fully healthy, there’s no telling how things may have played out. The city of Cleveland’s championship drought continues as the Cavaliers are now 0-2 in the NBA Finals.

If you had to pick a player of the game for game six on Tuesday night, you could make a valid argument for Draymond Green. “You’ve got to be at full strength to win it. We weren’t”. Eight of his points came in the final quarter.

The outstanding James – who averaged 35.8 points and 13.3 rebounds in the Finals – felt the loss of such inspirational team-mates proved to be crucial. “I think it’ll be Blatt’s decision more than anybody else at this point”. “It was what was needed. If I could have given more I would have done it, but I gave everything I had”.

Despite going 13-for-33 from the field, 2-for-10 on 3-pointers and 4-for-8 at the line in Game 6, James still had nine assists.

Sometimes certain stats are misleading, but let’s not forget what James has accomplished in his glorifying career.

We’re tempted to call it the “LeBron James Effect”, but he’s been in the NBA Finals for the last five years. “We gave everything we had”, James said.

They did not play like they were in survival mode early on. Boy, what a difference a year makes. He is seen as one of, if not the best shooter in NBA history. “And whatever it takes throughout the competition I’m fine with”, James said. Not only is he a great defender, but he can knock down the open three when he needs to, and with all the attention that Curry and Thompson bring, he gets a lot of those exact shots.