Cecil the Lion: Dentist Reportedly Hires Security Firm to Guard Florida Home

George Landis, the businessman from Vermont, said Palmer’s hunt was a matter of “poor judgement”. “We have to do something in his honor, and those people that want to help can help”, he said.


Speaking to the Independent, the Penrith MP said: “This is about working with African governments“.

BBC learned through Rodrigues that the initial plan was to send the lion’s head from Zimbabwe to South Africa and then to the United States, so Palmer could claim it.

The Zimbabwean also wonders why Americans are so broken up about Cecil when roughly 800 nameless lions were killed by hunters over the past 10 years.

Zimbabwean authorities have launched a crackdown on illegal hunting since the death of Cecil, though some have argued that hunting plays a key role in conservation and provides essential revenue and jobs.

“We are not an advocacy organization, ” he added”.

A Minnesota wildlife photographer captured images of Cecil the Lion four years ago and says he didn’t realize he had pictures of the animal until his death was reported this week. Sporting a distinctive black-fringed mane, the 13-year-old Cecil was a major attraction at the Hwange National Park and was outfitted with a Global Positioning System track for research. The dental board declined to comment.

A private security agency is now protecting a Marco Island home that was vandalized after its owner drew worldwide ire for killing a venerated lion in Zimbabwe.

The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, a group from B.C., said Wednesday Air Canada should take its ban a step further and prohibit the transport of big game trophies from Canadian hunts.

Zimbabwe has also said a second American killed a lion in an illegal hunt in April. And Americans who can’t find Zimbabwe on a map are applauding the nation’s demand for the extradition of the dentist, unaware that a baby elephant was reportedly slaughtered for our president’s most recent birthday banquet. Lucrative organized poaching for exotic animal parts is responsible for most of the illegal killing of animals.


“Every 15 minutes somebody would call, sometimes they’d hang up, sometimes they’d leave a message, sometimes I’d answer and they’d just yell at me, swear, curse, and then hang up”, Dr. Matt Palmer said.

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