China’s Xi says government does not hack

However, Beijing has time and again denied the allegations, stressing that China itself is a victim of cyber espionage.


“The Chinese are anxious about an open Internet and want to control information”, said Bonnie Glaser, a China analyst at the Center for Strategic and global Studies.

Rice’s comments on cyber security echo those of the president, who last week told USA business leaders that China’s theft of trade secrets is an “act of aggression that we must stop”.

“Rules of engagement between the two militaries in worldwide waters and air space, especially in the Asia-Pacific, are necessary to prevent conflict, given the tensions in the East China and South China seas”, he said.

She says USA officials raise their concern about human rights “at every level”.

“[As] the world’s second largest economy, China’s actions reverberate through the global financial markets – as we saw recently with China’s stock market”, she said.

He will follow that with a roundtable meeting early Wednesday of top U.S. and Chinese corporate chieftains aiming to underscore the centrality – to Beijing, at least – of trade and investment to the relationship, while downplaying political issues.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has defended his government’s handling of its slowing economy and sought to play down differences that have strained relations with the United States, in a rare interview with a foreign news outlet.

“With improvement to the renminbi exchange rate regime and progress in yuan internationalization, it is quite normal that China’s foreign reserves may increase or decrease, and there is no need to overreact to it”.

“The United States wants a negatives list as short as possible”, Glaser said. There is not much of a grab-and-go culture in China yet. “It remains to be seen whether that really is doable”. The US and China can probably agree to such precautions, a diplomatic source says.

The question facing Obama is how to react without risking an escalation, Pei said. Now, Boeing is looking to compete for a big share of the expected trillion-dollar market for passenger jets – that’s more than 6,000 new planes for China – in the next 20 years.

“When the United States and China normalized relations, the first ship from China came to Seattle”.

But despite the attention analysts are giving the visit and its weighty agenda, on the streets in Beijing only a few say they will be following the trip closely.

“As my critics allege, I can be rather direct. I can assure you that President Obama will be just as direct when he meets with President Xi”, Rice said.

The White House is unlikely to sign on to such language.


China’s economy faces downward pressure but is still operating within a proper range, President Xi Jinping said before flying to the United States. The newspaper’s story notes that while other officials “pulled together facts and research for the answers”, the foreign ministry said that Xi “revised and reviewed them”.

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