Chinese PM congratulates Canada’s Trudeau on election

Mr Kowalski added: “The markets arent punishing the Liberal win, even though it is a more leftist party than the Conservatives.”.


The Liberals won only 39.5 percent of the popular vote on Monday. The youngest was Joe Clark who took office in 1979, a day before his 40th birthday. More than 17 million Canadians cast a ballot in the country’s 42nd federal election, making for Canada’s highest voter turnout since 1993. Randy Boissonnault of Alberta and Seamus O’Regan of Newfoundland and Sheri Benson of Saskatchewan, who are members of the Liberal and New Democratic Parties respectively, also gained seats in the Canadian Parliament.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was named prime minister-elect, as though fulfilling the prophecy of change and hope Canadians were demanding.

He is the first Canadian prime minister to have marched in a Pride parade.

The Globe and Mail reports that politically, “Trudeau can not completely backtrack on his controversial promise to pull out of the IS air strikes mission”. The Caribbean, of course, must not presume too much on the long-standing friendship of benevolent big brother, Canada. “Many commitments were made during this election and we’ve got our work cut out for us”. He refused to support an inquiry into abuse of Native American women. And Canadians decisively rejected a party whose platform suggested that of most of the Republican presidential candidates.


While his opponents described him as “just not ready” during the campaign, it however seemed that Trudeau was in fact born ready, despite the delay in arriving at his current destination. He is firmly pro-choice and opposes any government effort to limit abortion rights. “The Governor General then decides who is in the best position to command the confidence of the House of Commons, and invites that person, during a meeting at Rideau Hall, to form a government”. Trudeau promised to raise taxes on the rich, increase the budget deficit and spend the funds on infrastructure. “I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada: to Justin Pierre Trudeau”, Richard Nixon said during a state dinner in Ottawa hosted by Pierre Trudeau in 1972. But politicians in this country might want to think about all that.

Conservative Chris Alexander left lost his seat in Ajax to Liberal candidate Mark Holland part of the Liberal sweep across the province. Alexander had served as immigration minister in the Harper government