Chris Brown: Named By Woman in Assault Investigation!

Chris Brown is at the center of a tour bus assault case, as the singer was reportedly named in an investigation of a woman who was thrown off his tour vehicle.


It’s believed the incident occurred outside Platinum 84 Gentleman’s Club in Denver on Monday, when Chris, French Montana and Fetty Wap were shooting a music video. The woman claims that her phone was broken during the incident.

The rule was put in place because they did not want any photos or video to be taken in secret.

There’s a video that’s been released which shows a woman running off the bus looking quite panicked. Why wouldn’t she just keep it moving?

Police say that she filed a report for third degree assault.

Chris was recently granted temporary joint custody of his 15-month-old daughter with her mother Nia Guzman. Not only is she dealing with a nasty custody battle with Brown over their daughter, but her ex-boyfriend, King Ba, has been on the run from the police since last month.

But it is unclear if he will be able to enter New Zealand because of his troubled past.

The 26-year-old assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, accepting a plea deal of community labour, five years’ formal probation, and domestic violence counselling.


Brown plead not guilty at his arraignment.

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