Confederate flag lowered in South Carolina

Just as the Confederate flag was being lowered at South Carolina’s statehouse Friday, Preston Henn was hoisting an old Georgia state flag that includes the same symbol above his Swap Shop. A white man has been charged in what authorities have called a racially motivated killing.


Debate over the flag came after a shooting at a historic black church in Charleston left nine dead and renewed questions over the meaning of the flag.

The collective grief over the deaths of the “Emanuel 9” has had an immeasurable impact on the state and its leaders.

Clemson experts say celebrity input has been very influential and now, like John Legend, they’re shifting their attention to confederate monuments in other states.

Despite the rapid changes seen in that state, however, the controversy over the flag is far from over – and not everyone is happy about those actions. The event not only sparked emotions, but also a debate about whether the banner’s removal would have an effect on race relations in America.

Supporters we spoke with at the rally say the Confederate Flag has nothing to do with racism. Many Confederate Flags are being removed all across the nation, including Virginia.

The flag was then taken to the Relic Room where it was taken in by curator Alan Robinson.

The group is standing near the flag with their hands behind their backs.

“They haven’t been finalized, but we have some ideas for maybe to do it as a memorial to 21,000 or so Confederates from South Carolina who died in the war”.

“Today, at long last, this has been done”, he said in a statement. Just two years ago, Brad Paisley was criticized for recording a song called “Accidental Racist”, with rapper LL Cool J, that ultimately sought to explore racial tensions, but came across as naive and ill-advised. He said he had an ancestor who fought on both sides of the Civil War.


The nationwide board of administrators of outstanding US civil rights group the NAACP voted on Saturday to end its 15-year boycott of South Carolina prompted by the show of the Confederate battle flag on state capitol grounds.

Confederate Flag is Removed in South Carolina