Congressman applauds students’ gun violence protest

Johnson said attending the forum will be optional for students and invitations have been sent to a range of local and state representatives.


Every school has steps to take in order to be the most positive and safe institution as possible for students to learn and grow.

“This has personally affected us”, Lorta said Tuesday, on a day the students there discussed ALICE training, which teaches response techniques for crises such as “active shooters” identified on campuses.

Students are encouraged to take 17 minutes, one minute for each of the people killed in the Parkland shooting, out of their school day. The tragedy spurred a national conversation on school safety, violence and gun control.

Unified spokeswoman Tanya Ruder said, should walkouts occur, classes would continue as scheduled and policies for attendance would remain in effect in accordance with state statutes.

Students approached Nelson County High School Principal Janell Stinnett about participating in a walkout, and Stinnett, along with Comer, supported the idea, Comer said. “I want to be a student leader and I want to join the leaders around the country and lead the first walk out”, she said in an interview.

They are asking participants to inform their teachers of their intention to participate. A student’s excused absences count toward whether or not they have to take final exams. Any student who is interested will be excused from class to attend this event. Seeds of Peace brings youth from different countries together to foster understanding and help resolve worldwide conflicts.

The 7th-grade suspect made the comments to other students, and the information was relayed through school administrators to an on-campus Lee County School Resource Officer, who promptly investigated the concern.

The students are also calling for a ban on detachable magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

UAA student Alex Jorgensen thinks the peaceful demonstration around Anchorage schools were “a attractive demonstration of the power of student voice”. District administration will be outside to supervise the students, according to Sutton.

Anthony Borges was shot five times and remains hospitalized, his attorney Alex F. Arreaza said.

The district has asked that the walkout not to be a political event, with no signs or posters.

The Waterville Board of Education on Wednesday will consider allowing students to walk out of the school March 14 for 17 minutes as part of a nationwide student-led event to protest that not enough has been done on the national level to curb the sale and ownership of AR-15 assault weapons.

“When I go to school I don’t want to be thinking “will I be safe today”.


Peterson may be eligible to collect a pension of at least $52,000 and is supposed to have half of his health insurance premiums covered the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for life. Earlville High School principal Jenette Fruit said not only do they not have anything planned, she also doesn’t expect students to walk out.

Fundamental approaches to preventing school violence