Corbyn Wins Backing From Over 40 Economists

“This is not a moment to refrain from disturbing the serenity of the walk on the basis it causes “disunity”. Yes, there really are a few hundred thousand people who seriously think that we should turn back the clock, take huge swathes of industry back into public ownership and massively expand the state.


“They’re wrong. The consequences of the government’s inaction are being felt here and now”.

Corbyn was one of the founders of the Stop The War group, set up in 2001 to campaign against the war in Afghanistan, and has a steady record of opposing military action.

The shadow health secretary was heckled by audience members demanding to know why he had voted with the party’s leadership and abstained on the welfare bill.

And finally, the third mistake has been the woeful organisation of the debates up and down the country.

Blair, Straw and Campbell are all likely to be highly criticised, at the very least.

“Let’s have a Labour alternative and a balanced plan for the economy that doesn’t reduce the deficit just by punishing the poorest and most valuable”, said Burnham.

Mr Wilson – a Corbyn supporter – wants the leadership hopefuls to focus on criticising the Government rather than each other.

The anti-Corbyn candidacy hysteria stems from support for a neoliberal consensus that has led to this inequality.

The assessment by the Anyone But Corbyn camp is as subject to assumptions and wish fulfilment as anyone else’s.

He said: “Now more that ever the county needs a strong, united and credible Labour Party“. Already Labour lost an election it could have won this year because it chose the leftist Ed Miliband – “Red Ed” to his detractors – as leader.

However, the Guardian understands three of the campaign teams are still pushing for extra checks to be run on the 367,000 new members and supporters who have signed up to vote since the general election over fears undiscovered infiltration could make a difference in a tight contest.

There is also the small issue of democracy. If the results give rise to the stench of a stitch-up, the damage to the Labour Party may be irreparable.

In particular, Burnham, Cooper and Kendall’s camps want the voting history of new members and supporters to be cross-checked to see if they have identified themselves as voters for another party, which would raise a red flag for further investigation. They can not believe how wrong they were. Less charitably they have sometimes been described as “not normal”, “narcissistic” or even “mad”. They are combing through lists to disqualify anyone they can.

“But most of all he is talking from the heart about the big ideas we need in order to face the future with confidence”. Now it is happening, it’s not too hard to see the reasons why.

Mrs Harman stressed that the right of those who were eligible to vote was being protected.

This is why I am concerned when we hear from certain politicians and commentators that those backing Corbyn are the ones who are going through some kind of meltdown, while the rest have somehow risen above emotional reactions.


Burnham has sought to emulate one of Corbyn’s more popular policies: renationalisation of the rail system.

Harriet Harman called a meeting with candidates today to discuss infiltration fears