Dalai Lama joins Patti Smith on Glastonbury festival stage

The exiled Tibetan leader arrived this morning to give a speech at the Kings Meadow about ‘love and tolerance and fairness’.


“There is actually no quarrel between Buddhists”, she said, adding that the protesters had observed a minute’s silence for the victims of Nepal’s April natural disaster.

Huge crowds waited outside too, keen to get a glimpse of one of the world’s most iconic figures.

Six hundred protesters have descended on Aldershot to demonstrate against the Dalai Lama as he opens a community centre and addresses British Buddhists.

But there was a difference this time, with a group called the global Shugden Community protesting outside the stadium throughout.

The Dalai Lama at the Glastonbury music festival on Sunday, June… And after spending a day at a music festival, who could really blame him for that second shower?

Nicholas Pitts is spokesman for the ISC: “There are signs in shops, restaurants, even medical facilities say they won’t be served simply due to their faith”.

But Ms Eavis said she was concerned about the number of people refusing to use toilets following worringly high levels of campers urinating on the fields.

“His humour and his modesty shone through – there aren’t many people who could command a crowd like that, particularly at Glastonbury“.

The Dalai Lama has publicly criticised the violence and kill carried out by Isis in Africa and the Middle East. Speaking at the Glastonbury festival on Sunday, the 80-year-old spiritual leader said, “A lot of problems we are experiencing are our own creations”. He was met at the door of the plane by Shri MP Singh, First Secretary (Protocol) at the Indian High Commission and Mr Kaji Sherpa, President of the Buddhist Community Centre United Kingdom.

The Dalai Lama also made an indirect reference to the massacre in Tunisia, calling for an end to religious division. And I believe we all have to make the welfare of our fellow human beings our concern.


He didn’t tone down his performance, prompting a warning on screen for viewers at home that “this performance contains strong language and flashing lights”. “I’m intimidated because you know the words better than I do”.

The Dalai Lama greets well wishers as he addresses a crowd gathered at the Stone Circles at Worthy Farm in Somerset during the Glastonbury Festival in Britain