Danish Beauty Nina Agdal subs for Kate Upton

No, this is not a Hollywood movie offer fort Kate Upton that Nina Agdal has pounced upon. It is rather a request to be the date for a 17 year old High School boy for his prom. Jake Davidson, who lives in Los Angeles, California, made a public appeal to supermodel Kate Upton to be his date for the school prom to be held on May 23. He made this appeal and also made a video of himself and uploaded it on You Tube. The video got viral with millions watching it. Apparently, one of the individuals watching it was none other than Kate Upton who said she would date the boy if she was free at the time.Nina Agdal



Nina heard and readily said yes to replace Kate

However, as things turned out, Kate found herself to be very busy on the day with her assignments and so she politely turned down the invitation from the High School student. She said that the very thought of attending a dance with a 17 year old boy was very exciting but her tight schedule made it impossible for her to be in Los Angeles on the day. Somehow, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition 2012 Rookie of the year Nina Agdal learnt about the entire episode and decided to talk to the boy if she could replace Kate Upton for his prom.


Nina played the role of a lovely girl next door

Cheryl Davidson, the mother of the lucky boy David, confirmed this saying the Agdal contacted her son soon after his proposal was turned down by Kate Upton. She said that Nina graciously said that she was ready to be a date for her son if Kate was not available. She added that she would love to go to the prom as she herself could not get a chance in real life to go to the prom.  Jake was happy to hear yes from someone as famous and pretty as Nina and his night at the prom turned out to be a night to remember for a long time to come.

Kate UptonNina is a Danish beauty who is also a co model for Kate and the two have worked together for Victoria’s Secret lingerie photo shoot. The prom night was on Thursday and there was the photo shoot before the prom where Jake turned up in a grey tuxedo and a black bow tie and Kate was clad in a sage green halter neck gown that showed off her back. This dress was very sober attire for the super model who is mostly seen in all sorts of bikinis in magazines. Nina later tweeted that she was very happy and had a great prom night with Jake who happens to be 4 years her junior.


Jake was on cloud nine after attending the prom with Nina and Tweeted back saying you are the best. He gushed how Nina came over to his house to meet the family and then the two of them went in his car to the school prom.