Daytona offers American flags in exchange program

But the Daytona Speedway will have a Confederate flag exchange program, in which people can turn in their Confederate flags and receive an American flag in return.


Four time Nascar champion Jeff Gordon spoke on the topic earlier Tuesday.

“We’re going to have a flag exchange opportunity”, said Chitwood.

NASCAR and the tracks have not banned the flag in the past, citing freedom of expression.

Chitwood also said that he is not changing the speedway’s flag policy for this weekend’s race, but will look at taking different measures down the road. If you’re a fan wanting to bring in a 15-foot Confederate flag to fly on track property while at a race or are planning to use the symbol as a way to make a boisterous statement, you’re likely going to be asked to not do so and possibly escorted out of the track premises. “It’s our nation’s birthday”, Chitwood said, in the NBC Sports report.

Expect a lot more Confederate flags to show up at the Daytona global Speedway for Nascar races this Independence Day weekend, just not for the reason you might suspect.

“The goal of any NASCAR event, specifically Daytona, we want to be inclusive to everyone”, said speedway president Joe Chitwood, according to WOFL-TV in Orlando, Fla.

The action comes in the wake of the June 17 slaying of nine African-Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. Dylan Roof was arrested and charged with the murders.

France, who said he found the Confederate flag an “insensitive symbol” that he finds offensive, has vowed to be aggressive in disassociating it from NASCAR events.

“Chevrolet has been an integral part of the ISC family for many years and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship”, global Speedway Corp.


“Obviously, we have our roots in the South, there are events in the South, it’s part of our history like it is for the country”, France told The Associated Press.

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