Decisions, Decisions: What will LeBron James do this summer?

The timing of the revelation led to all sorts of speculation, with fans and media members suspecting the leak was coming from James’ camp as a way to provide cover for his latest Finals loss. Last year, it was on All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, who traded to the Boston Celtics shortly after dawning the cover in a Cavaliers uniform. He is facing that same decision this summer. After a dominate sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday – Durant brought home his second consecutive NBA title as well as NBA Finals MVP.


Among the boasts offered by Gilbert at the time included a prediction that the Cavaliers would win a title before James and the Heat.

In terms of lifestyle, the Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers would appear to be the frontrunners as those are the cities where he resides with his family during the regular season and the summer. The 29-year-old emphatically confirmed in March he’ll re-sign with the Warriors this offseason, and while he’s entitled to change his mind, there’s no sense in leaving the best situation in the National Basketball Association. They would have been swept a year ago if not for hitting 24 of 45 3-point shots in Game 4 at The Q to win, 136-117.

Let’s start here: I am not accusing James, the Cavs, the National Basketball Association or anyone connected to the situation of doing anything nefarious.

With the Cavaliers’ failure to reclaim the title against the Golden State Warriors, rumors continue to heat up that James will be leaving his hometown for the second time and chase for another National Basketball Association championship title somewhere else.

Speaking to media after Game 4, James confirmed the injury. When the Rockets got eliminated, there are speculations that Paul will demand a huge payday and has no intention to take a pay cut in free agency.

“I feel like ’10 was the toughest”, James said. We still have to improve and get better, which we will.

Lue was being polite. “It makes too much sense and he’s a smart guy”.

“That’s probably the longest shot of it happening”, Sherman said of Miami.

Curry scored 26 points per game with 6.3 assists and 5.2 rebounds and a strong true shooting percentage of 58.5%.

Tristan Thompson helped the Cavaliers win the Eastern Conference, but, except for a few flashes, didn’t show the same energy against Golden State.

Now we know he did – physically.


One year and two months from now, he’ll be a freshman. There is no reason to re-sign him. “But even if Philadelphia doesn’t get LeBron, they have enough cap space to add another free agent and there’s a chance they can trade (Markelle) Fultz and (Dario) Saric and draft picks and get Kawhi Leonard”. Changing it to 38 keeps Paul eligible for a full-max which puts him in line for a whopping $205-million dollars over five seasons.

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