Denver company maintained Hillary Clinton’s private email server; Security

Asked whether she regretted setting up a private email server during her tenure at the State Department, Clinton said she has stated repeatedly that she does.


A spokeswoman for the intelligence community inspector general dismissed the claims and reiterated to Fox News that the information in the emails was in fact considered classified at the time it was sent.

Government screeners have flagged 305 of those documents for further review by U.S. intelligence agencies to see if they contained classified material. The server email debacle is like a stone around Clinton’s neck that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

The revelation of Clinton’s exclusive use of her personal email account and a private email server while helming the State Department from 2009 to 2013 came under fierce attacks from her Republican rivals as the former secretary of state was launching her second bid to win the White House.

A federal judge will hold a hearing Thursday to weigh the U.S. State Department’s satisfaction of demands for access to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In light of that particular classification, which generally requires advanced protocols such as a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and other similar arrangements to possess and view, it appears the FBI has determined that your clearance is not sufficient to allow you to maintain custody of the emails.

“Any personal e-mails are my personal business, right“, she said before making her “like with a cloth” comment.

Cybersecurity expert Alex McGeorge of Immunity, Inc. believes that ultimately, if classified information was ever mishandled, the onus is on Clinton – not on the IT firm. “I don’t know how it works at all“.

“In order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server”, Clinton told reporters Tuesday.

Please produce all documents and communications between or among employees or contractors of Platte River Networks and Secretary Clinton or any representative of the Clinton family or Clinton Foundation referring or relating to Secretary Clinton’s private server.

But gaffes and scandals stick the most when they speak to a concern that the public already had about a politician. Over the weekend, Clinton made a bad “joke” about how she loves SnapChat because “those messages disappear all by themselves.”

“Others had done it before, and it was just more convenient, and she kept it like that, and she didn’t really think, that’s the thing, she didn’t really think it through, and she has said had she, she would have done it differently”.

“They’d have to show that she was responsible for having the information on that server and essentially knew what was on there”, Mukasey said.

NBC News has reported that an Federal Bureau of Investigation team is now examining the server.


Henry followed up three more times, until Clinton finally responded: “That’s for the people investigating to figure out but we turned over everything that was work related”.

305 Clinton emails need further study for possible classified information

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