Dolphin leaps onto boat, injuring California woman

A 350-pound dolphin somehow jumped into a family´s boat in Southern California June 21, injuring a woman as well as itself and spraying blood everywhere.


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“I knew right away he was going to land in the boat, because of the way he was facing – knocked me backwards and then landed kind of on my feet and ankles”, said Chrissie Frickman. One of the animals jumped on the vessel, knocking Frickman over and landing on her legs.

Her husband, Dirk, pulled her out from beneath the panicking intruder. They were pleasantly cruising off the Orange County Coast on their 21-foot boat, when they spotted a playful group of dolphins.

Dirk Frickman immediately radioed the Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol, reporting the freaky and unsafe accident involving the dolphin where the patrol responded by pulling the mother and daughter out of the boat to the shore and to an ambulance. The family said they’re grateful to have survived the weird encounter with the dolphin.

He called authorities as he steered toward an Orange County harbour, splashing water on the dolphin to keep it alive. The family managed to get the dolphin up to the dock and put it back into the water. “It cut its nose and its tail”.


His wife is still recovering from her injuries.

California family survives weird encounter with dolphin