Drumpants: Musical kit for your legs

If you are a music lover then you must go for this invention as it allows you to create a mini musical group of single man who can play variety of sounds using this device.


Actually, the device called, DrumPants, developed by Tyler Freeman of San Francisco, which can be dressed by anyone in legs, and this musical pant will make some easy music for you with the help of some Velcro sensors and a control box.

Musical kit invented for your legs1

And it’s not just drums, the control box can be altered to produce one of over 100 sounds from guitar to piano.

According to the Drumpants official website, this drum set can be best and easiest way to teach some music lessons to the teenagers.


The basic kit starts at $89 while a Bluetooth ready ‘Beta Kit’ can be yours for $350.Musical kit invented for your legs